The Abyss

A civilian diving team is enlisted to search for a lost nuclear submarine and face danger while encountering an alien aquatic species.

Time to re-visit an old favorite.

The Abyss was a breakthrough in modern CGI. Which you could see as a gateway to the rise of digital effects in cinema. The technology was so new that they actually shot the “Water Tentacle” scenes so that they could be left out if the effects didn’t work. Of course, now, this sort of CGI is simple and commonplace. Also, another form of science is made public. The oxygenated fluorocarbon fluid is a real thing. Deep-deep diver can actually breathe this fluid. The rat, as portrayed, did in fact get submerged in the liquid and was able to breathe. Behind the scenes, there were a few near-deaths.. and a couple of break downs. Ed Harris, who almost drowned during an underwater scene, refuses to talk about The Abyss in interviews.

Now, on to the movie itself.

There is nothing to dislike in this film, from beginning to end. The acting is great by all involved. There was little use of stunt performers. The effects were ground breaking and the story was pretty solid. What some may not know is, the Director’s cut has a different ending than the theatrical release. The aliens are sick of man’s constant fighting and put man on trial, having sent 1,000ft tsunami’s to the coasts of each continent.. it is the fact that “Bud” was willing to sacrifice himself, at the end, and make peace with Lindsey, that convince them to spare the humans. OK, that’s kind of corny, but whatever.

This is a good SciFi that I recommend for almost all audiences, there is a little swearing, and a topless scene.

Author: Jethal