A murderer begins killing off teenagers at a horrorthon they have organized in an abandoned theater.

A very 80’s B-Horror, although made in 91,  filled with camp and mediocre acting, Popcorn has a place in my heart because I have a thing for the old gimmicks of the 60’s.. Shock seating, “Smell-o-Rama”, giant props and all the things that made the movies of William Castle fun. Unfortunately for our merry band of characters, they will die by these gimmicks.

The makeup/prosthetic effects where very good, the story was actually pretty sound – but that acting.. wow. I never understood what people saw in Jill Scheolen. Every time I read about her, they say she was a talented, up start actress.. but really, I haven’t seen anything from her that I liked. Outside of being pretty.. she has nothing else going for her.

I suppose the only real issue I had in the make up effects was Tobie’s face. He’s supposed to be a burn victim, but what the hell are all those metal clips and head gear? Something for the masks, I suppose?

In any case, if you’re looking for a horror that you can show the kids, this one is not bad at all.. very little swearing, no nudity.

Author: Jethal