The Green Inferno


Of course, this is a modern retelling of the classic horror movie, and grandfather of the Found Footage genre, “Cannibal Holocaust“.

In this movie, a group of college students venture into the jungles of Peru to stop bulldozers from destroying the rain forest. Everything was going just great until they are captured by a cannibalistic tribe of natives, and they learn that No Good Deed Goes Unpunished.

That’s what we know from the trailer. Here’s my review. Spoilers Ho!

As with it’s predecessor, The group is almost completely unlikable, save for one or two. Their leader is full of himself, and they all just have a “I’m going to save the world” attitude that you find in most PETA members.. your intentions are noble, but you go about it in such a way that we have no choice but want to see you fail. Honestly, I have no pity for these pretentious jackbags, and actually find myself rooting for the cannibal tribe.

While the acting and effects were pretty good, there were several aspects of the film that were unintentionally humorous. The blow-darts became comical as they appear suddenly from off-screen and instantly knock out their targets. A girl commits suicide, rather than face her fate, and the group stuffs her with marijuana to get the natives high.. but that’s not the funny part. Two of the natives “get the munchies” and one of the activists gets eaten alive by a bunch of stoned natives.

There is no doubt that this is a gore-fest. Some of which was well done, while other scenes were not. But, I’d have to give an over-all thumbs up to the visual effects department.

The ending is infuriating to me.

The last girl escapes the tribe, with help from a young admirer, and makes her way back to the de-foresting camp, where armed mercs are shooting at the cannibal tribe. When one attempts to shoot her, she yells that she’s an american, and they all stop shooting, allowing the rest of the tribe to escape back into the jungle. What? Noooooo.. tell the mercs to keep shooting!! Kill those fuckers!!

Once back in the US, our lone survivor is debriefed and she completely lies her head off, telling the room that the tribe found her and lead her out of the rain forest to safety. So, in the end, this movie tries to give you a feeling of morality. Save the rain forest, and leave the native tribes alone.. but what it actually did was.. No, fuck that. I would advise the carpet-bombing of the entire area.

The students where stupid, and the died of stupidity.

My final thought: Watch Cannibal Holocaust instead.

Author: Jethal