When a high school underdog connects with the demonic force behind his horrorscope, there’s more than the phone bill to pay!

I watched this one for the first time.. tonight! (11/12/2016). I have to say, in the grand scope of 80’s horror, I actually like it. I’ve definitely seen a lot worse. Robert Englund’s directorial debute wasn’t bad.

Starring Stephen Geoffreys (Evil Ed/Fright Night) as Hoax, a bullied young man who seeks revenge against his classmates, by way of a pact with evil forces he contacts via an 976 phone number… as silly as that sounds. As he does the bidding of his new ally, he transforms into a demonic force to be reckoned with.

One element of this story I just couldn’t wrap my head around was the inclusion of a Privet Detective, and the school Principal. Really, they did nothing to significantly ad to the story, and could have been dropped from the script entirely.

Definitely not for youngsters.. quite a bit of violence and some nudity. But, if you’re looking for a popcorn muncher, I say go for it.

Author: Jethal