A Rose for Lady Amandine


Lady Amandine by Jethal
– Sung to “Tomorrow Wendy” by Concrete Blonde

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She dances sweet
A lady lovely heart and mind
Her love descrete
Soft lines flow in her recline
Grace and poise, true define..

Star light, kissed with wine
A rose for Lady Amandine

Calamady, a darkness shrouds the bluest sky
Calm of the sea, turned from glassy lullabies
The lady falls, grim tidings
A broken mirror butterfly

Light fades, Enshrined
A rose for Lady Amandine

Where once was light
Now halls filled with blood and cries
Our lady waits
Her sins to bathe in sacrifice
A song beckons youth to
Give their crimson purify
A Lady once refined
We can hardly recognize..

Maids cries, blood lines
A rose for Lady Amandine

A life still frame
Paint broken lines
If a mirror shows the truth
The lady guilty of her crimes
And when her heart fades
In darkness, so falls mine

Love fades, tears of thyne
A rose for lady Amandine

Author: Jethal