The Sound of Violence


Sound of Violence- by Jethal
– Sung to “The Sound of Silence” by Simon & Garfunkle

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Hello Titan, my old freind.
We’ve come to face you once again.
But your stomping all but shattering.
the platform where we have all standing.
We’re thrown, like stars in the blackest night,
then we die.
A duty falls, in Violence

Though Amdapor my skills were honed
Test resolves through chilling tones
An echo heard of ghostly Lullabies
Haukke Manor Haunted with her cries
A shadow cast by the glow of a lone corpse light
A chilling bite
And she falls in Violence

A frozen heart can lead a stray
And too our welcome over stay
A union meant to heal a chasm deep
A broken prophecy to light did creep
And the lie – like a cloak of snow did fall
and she recalls
The cry, of violence

For those whom have doth led stray
A Dragon’s judgements hell to pay
Far above the silver-tear we climb
A rising chorus like a bell does chime
Will we prove our worth, and shine in the crystals light?
Reclaim our might
Enthralled in Violence

The Aery’s wrath I came to know
Nidhoggs seeds of vengence sown
You see only but a rage askew
Ancient hatred brings a war renewed
But a silence – fell upon us as your might was slain
Your path remains..
Our duty calls, of Violence

Author: Jethal