Where to begin…


Yeah, that about covers it.

This is the X-Men movie that we needed! Logan blows every other Marvel movie away, by a long shot. Although, my issue is (again) that they did not follow any established story line.. this was great. Not good, not fair, not acceptable.. this.. was.. GREAT. Patrick Stewart deserves an award for this portrayal of Charles Xavier. He was absolutely spot on. Hugh Jackman stepped it up a notch for his final run as Logan (now that i think about it, i dont recall them EVER calling him Wolverine in this movie)

Definitely not for the kids – there’s a little used thing in the movie business called rated R.. pay attention to it. Decapitations, dismemberment, bloody violence everywhere you look. Dont bring your kids expecting to see just another X-Men movie.

Was it perfect? No. Some things really dont make sense if you think about them too hard, but I’m willing to look past it for a great story, and very good acting, which is what we have here.

Author: Jethal