Spider-Man: Homecoming


OK, this was really fun.

I still take issue with Aunt Mae’s age, but other than that, it was a vast improvement over the last set of installments in the franchise. Tom Holland looks the part, acts the part, and is great in this role.

The story was a great mix of drama, action and lots of comedy. The effects were pretty good.. although so one seems to be able to make a CG character fall and land believably. Every studio has this issue, so I can’t blame Sony.

Only real issues I had were

  • Aunt Mae’s age (again) she’s far too young
  • The  line from Tony “If you’re nothing without the suit, then you don’t deserve it” – coming from the guy who’s nothing with out his suit.
  • At the end, the character of “Michelle” wants her friends to call her “M.J.” – so they’re trying to pass her as Peter’s love interest from the comics? MJ stands for Mary Jane.. not Michelle (J?).
Author: Jethal