Farm Town Fun On Facebook


People who know listen to the Jethal Silverwing show, or have me as a friend on Facebook know that I do a application there called farm town. Unlike most of the applications on Facebook, this is not a page where you collect pictures. Farmtown is an interactive flash game, where you plow, plant and harvest plants.

Farmtown started in Feb 2009 and as of this date, 5/7/2009, they have over 2 million active players.

You start with a simple 12×12 square area of land with a few plants and work your way up from there to the largest which is a 25×25 plot of land.

What is neat about Farmtown is that you can spend as little or as much time as you want there. You can plow your ground, plant and go off and do something else. They have plants that mature in as little as 4 hours and others which take up to 4 days. You gain experience from plowing and planting and from tending your friends farms.

Then there is tons of items to put on your farm, trees, animals, barns, ponds, houses and flowers coming soon. You can create a wonderful looking farm or do like I do, use the plot of land to be creative in planting. I been having a blast trying to plant creative looking patterns in the field.

Here is my salute to FreeRealms with a picture of Chatdy, the flying squirrel mascot to FreeRealms.
Here is another one :

Heart Pattern

Poor Jethal refuses to try Farmtown and it has become sort of a joke as to how many people I can convert to using Farmtown. So far, a good portion of Legion of Kithicor  who use Facebook are now my farm town friends. I have a few of the Sony people also using Farmtown who are having a good time there. 

*Evil Laugher* It more fun to go up to Jethal now and say…Guess who started to play Farmtown with me now!
He scream very well hahahaha

Author: Elquinjena