FreeRealms A Guide to Archery Job


So you want to be an archer?
First thing you  will need to so is  find Lugabow!

Lugabow is in the south western area of the map, along something called the Lavender coast.


Also a word of warning this is not going to be a cheap job to learn, you will need to save every coin you get, spending nothing outside of buying potions for health and power! You will have a very costly purchase at the end in order to finish this job line.

Path of the Archer,  speak to each of Lugabow’s new archer recruits in the Greenwood Chugawug camp.  Lugabow will then ask you to Touch all of the target dummies within the time allotted to pass this test, with quest Archer: Test of agility

Lugabow will then ask you to Use multi-arrow on Thugawug Fumblers with quest Archer: Taking Aim.

Then he gives you Archer Oath of Honor where you are to Carve the oath into a tree stump near the lake in the northern end of Greenwood forest, then report to Hilforn who is north of Lugabow’s camp

Hilforn give you Archer:Pondblaster Target Practice,  defeat robgoblins which you can find around the pond not far from him.

After that he asks you to complete Archer: Explosive Expedition,  more robgoblins and collect sap from vats

I will be glad when I work my self up a bit I look like such a noob!

Come back and see Hilforn when you reach level 5

Hilforn tell you to return to him once you are level 5 and also tells you to see out Eddie
Eagle Eye.

I went to see Lugabow again first  because there were many quests in his camp. Lugabow gives Weapon Testing and thats about it.   I have to go grind till I can take on the battle instance at the cave around level 3 1/2.  So off I go to see Eddie Eagle eye  is just south of Crossroads area.

Eddie Eagle eyes offered me a quest called Contract: All Around Win
( I wonder if Winwin knows I will be shooting arrows around her soon?)
He sends me off to defeat some Hooligans, Unruly Warriors, Unruly Mages and Unruly Elite Bixies.  The Hooligans are a wandering NPC instance while the others come from stationary Instances which the quest will lead you to.

Once I hit level 5 I head back down to Hilforn and he sent me out to blow up some Robgoblins with my new explosive arrow.

Hilforn then sends you to track down Vicki with Archer: Archer Departure, who is very bad at aiming. She shot all her arrows into the Sheep pen so she sends you in to get them with  No Arrows, No Work!  She has lost her bow too and asks you to go get it back from the Hooligans with No Bow, No Work! There is a battle instance right up the road behind her.

After all that Vicki decides she is just not cut out to be an archer and decides to quit.  Next quest is Archer: I Quit!  She want you to return her bow to Bullseye who is just east of  Crossroad.

Wow let me tell you about Bullseye,

He is HOT~ he has style,  he has class,  he has the outfit I want!!
He give you  quest Archer: Archer, which  sends you off into the Blackspore area to the Cracked Claw Caverns to bring back some trophy’s.  Its crab killing time!! I need butter and garlic for this !

Now Bullseye sends me off till I am level 10 ( I am 6 now) to talk to Eddie Eagle Eye, who thank the gods has quests for me to do to help me get to level 10.  One of the quests he sends me off on is to help save Bruce, ( if you go to Snowyhill  you will know who Bruce is) he was kidnapped and is being made to play the Freerealms song over and over again..( humm isn’t that what he does now up at Snowyhill?)

This also leads you back to Lugabow’s camp where I was FINALLY able to finish that scout reporting quest which opened up other quests which also tied into the quests I got from Bullseye.  I won’t list them here, they are very easy to find.

After doing the 4 quests which take you to Danger Peaks and Bandit Hideout! Both are close to the Lugabow camp,  the other two sent me to Bixie Hive which is just south of Sanctuary and lastly a wandering mob around Crossroad area.

I have now reached level 10!

I have picked up more gear along the way from the battle instances and rewards from the quests that I am actually looking pretty spiffy as a archer. I return to Bullseye send me off  to pick Pink Azaleas from the Blackspores swamp with quest Archer: Paralyzing Poison.

Although there is not quest path or arrows to guide me, I just headed up the path from
Bullseye to enter the Blackspore area, and was able to find them rather quickly all around the path just as you exit the tunnel.

Bullseye then asks me to go try my stunning shot on some crabs with Archer: A Stunning Effect. So back I go to Blackspore to hunt down 5 Cray Marauders.

When done I need to see out Bowman Biter who is north of Blackspore swamp.

Bowman Bilter does not look very Archer like, with a few cards stuck in his hat, and no bow in his hand not even a quiver on his back.

He Does want me to find out what some smugglers are doing in Brairwood.  Quest is Archer: Suspicious Smugglers.  I find a animal cage in Briarwood and return to Bilter who sends me off to speak to Mr. Miles at the Durango zoo with  Archers: Animal Investigation.

Mr. Miles tells me he has had some smuggling going on at his zoo and wishes me to catch one of these smugglers in the act with Archer: Animal Investigation.

I find a girl named Vicki out stealing snakes!!  I wonder if its the same vicki who gave up being an archer. Oh the plot thickens.!!!

After talking to her I find out it is Vicki..What a tradtor..!

Mr. Miles then wishes me to feed the animals in the zoo so I need to go harvest some food,  YA mini games. After I gather enough and give that to Mr. Miles I am sent back to Bowman Bilter. Who tells me I am not strong enough to confront smugglers so he send me back to Eddie Eagle Eyes!

Oh gods I bet it will be the same battle instances again..shutter.

Archer: Achieve Level 15.
He has Contract bowman for hire, Contract All Around Win and contract No Boundries On Bounties which I take because I have done the other two till my eye bled. This time I hit the nastys in the hedge maze outside Briarwood,  Maze Mulchers.

There are a couple extra quests you can pick up for The Snarling Hedges that you can do right along with your Archer contract.  One is given by Private Gorglemain and the other is from Cuttensnip who you can find wandering around the maze.


Once at 15 I return to Bowman Bilter, though happy that I am 15 he sends me off to use my newest skill, Sniper snot on some spiders. with Archer: Cutting out the buyers. This is up in Briarwood.


After I am done I need to seek out Orson who is also in Briarwood.

I found Orson just down the path from the tunnel that leads to the spiders, he did not look very Archer like to me either…..but…he is not happy with Vicki either.  He sends me off to the border of Nettleseed with Archer: Finding Vicki

At the time of this writing there is NO quest path, arrow or guide of any kind. Nettleseed is in Briarwood, use the map to zone in and mouse over, its in the upper northern part of the map, around the fort. I find her and her Accomplice but they run off and I need to go defeat some of the smugglers that they were working for. After that I head back to Orson.

Orson then sends me off with Archer: Remain Vigilant, I need to defeat Han and Hannah in the croaking vale!. You will need to prove your self  in the fort so you may pass through it to the Croaking Vale.

The croaking vale is not for the faint of heart, this is x3 red dot zone, it is not a walk
in the park!. Head straight in towards the back of the zone to find Vicki and her partner.
It does not matter which you take our first coz which ever one you are attacking the other will go and release the frogs. You will have your hands full with the two of them and about 4 frogs.

Afterwards I returned to Orson one last time to be told that I need to go back to Bullseye who is just outside of Crossroads.  Bullseye is all proud of me but won’t talk to me again till I reach level 20 so he sends me back to talk to Eddie Eagle Eyes.

At level 17 I am finally looking like the cool, kick butt archer that I should be! No more dumpy old person hat !! ya I got shades..

Eddie offers Contract: All around win, Contract: that’ll teach’ em, Contract: No Boundaries on Bounties and bowman for hire. take your pick

I went back and finished The Mysterious birds, at the Danger Peaks area. They fixed it by the time I reached level 17.

Once done I was able to continue with the quest line Blorple gives out, who is at the Lugabow camp.  Next one was Bad Ninjas which sent me back to the Danger Peaks instance.  Afterwards he has me talk to Tell Glugmort with My Work Is Done, which is the end of that quest line.

I went back to the  Briarwood, Nettleseed and Briarheart areas and found many quests to help me reach level 20.



DING Level 20

I was also able  to max out all stars in all my skills for archery,  before returning to
Bullseye. Bullseye then  sends me off to craft a bow for him with Archer: Building A Better Bow.  So back I go to Briarheart and enter the Briarheart Caverns to gather Ruthenium. Once done I am to return and buy a bow string from Bulleye.

Lets hope you were saving all your coins because this bow string costs 12000 coins!!

After selling off every extra item I had.  I scrapped together enough coins to buy the bow string, then Bullseye strung the bow and gave it to me, Bullseye’s Blasting Bow.

He then want you to defeat him in one one one  combat.with Archer: Can you hit a Bullseye.   It is a very hard fight and I failed it twice, I had to sell off even more items, items I had found along the way for other job classes, bought more healing potions and also some potions which would put fear into Bulleye. I found that just hitting him with a normal shot over and over worked well, giving me time to add in healing potions. I also moved in as close to him as possible so I could use that fear potion. finally 3rd time was a charm and I beat him.

He says that Bowman Bilter would need my help now. There is no quest arrow or paths  to guild you.  Bowman Bilter  is north of Blackspore Swamp so head back up there.

Once I found him he did have a quest for me now that I was a master Archer. Quest is called  Archer: Attack from above. He sends me off to kill some bad archers called Seesharps who have taken over the Forest Troll Fort.



This is your last archer quest, and is repeatable.  It is a 3 red dot instance but if your careful you can solo it, but hey bring a friend it far more fun that way!

=================Archer Shopping=============
Quick shot out fits in pink and black at Jormajorm in Lugabow’s camp

Prudee MoneyTree sells Archer and Brawler weapons west of Briarwood port stone along the side of the path that leads into and out of town. Sells Curved bows for level 15’s.

Author: Elquinjena