Ranger Mythical at Last, Told it was CRAP!


On Mothers Day May 10th 2009, I got a wonderful Mother’s Day Present,  my mythical bow.

The journey to this end started months ago, how many now I have forgotten.  After I had gotten my epic I took a break for a while on the whole Class Weapon thing. Some time early into 2009 I decided to try for my mythical update.

Back in February of 2009 I wrote here about the cost to a causal gamer if they wanted to start raiding. The cost and time to get your gear up to snuff, the investment of master 1 spells upgrades. Then the time you would have to devote to raiding with a group.  Back when I wrote that I had been raiding for a while with a group  for a couple months, trying to do 3 times a week, which was just taking too much of a toll on me.  Having to rush home, cook dinner and run to be on line, leaving no time for family.  It was stretching me thin having to be on line like that. It was no longer a choice, it was becoming like a job.  I cut back to a single night then once when I could not make that I was cut from that groups raiding roster.

I did have 1 update to my mythical, which was The Tomb of Thuuga part, the next was Venril Sathir which hardly anyone was doing. The fight is not that hard, it is the need to have every raid member doing their parts which makes it a very hated run! I began to give up hope of ever seeing this step done.  I did get lucky and go on a raid with Blood Rain’s group to Venril Sathir, but after quite a few tried they called it and moved on to Veeshan’s Peak.

I even got Leviathan done while waiting for a shot of at Venril Sathir, which meant I was Veeshan’s Peak flagged.  This proves how avoided the Venril Sathir part is if I can get Veeshan’s Peak flagged and yet not get Venril Sathir done. 

I don’t know who made the Ranger epic/mythical quest but I would like stuff Everfrost snow down their leggings, or at least who ever came up with the Venril Sathir encounter.  I think maybe both people since the end of the mythical quest, all scouts need to finish off the last dragon in the 3rd wing!  Even though that is a major PITA, people were clearing all of Veeshan’s Peak more often than doing Venril Sathir.

This has to tell you something about the Venril Sathir encounter! There is also a matter of having to have an item from another encounter before one can even think about doing Venril Sathir, it is just not  something people  say “hey lets go do”, there is some hard prep work to do first.

Now there is a raid runner on Antonia Bayle by the name of Leonardo who has banded people together under the banner of Forthepeople ( yes all one word).  They even have a web site, forthepeople.guildlaunch.com.

Leonardo was the first successive Pick Up raid leader to beat Venril Sathir!  Jethal had him on the show as well and we talked about his group of people who come from many of the guilds on Antonia Bayle for the purpose of raiding without having to leave their own guilds. You can hear that pod cast here.

If anyone could give me hope it was Leo and all the people in Forthepeople. This past Sunday, May 10th, Leo ran a Venril Sathir raid and I got to go. We took Venril Sathir down on the 3rd attempt! 

Be glad you were not in our house when I screamed!! I was sooo excited!! Finally after all these months..the one major stumble block was finished. Now I could possible join one the MANY groups who were going into Veeshan’s Peak every week. Anyone who raids goes to  Veeshan’s Peak on a weekly basis it seems, I should be able to find a raid or two to go with and since most raid the place 3 days in a row ( one for each area), I was sure I could finish my mythical quest in short time.

Leonardo then announced that they were headed to Veeshan’s Peak, 3rd wing!

 *** GASP**** would this mean I might see the end of this quest line today?????

We headed to the 3rd wing in Veeshan’s Peak, the place was cleared out up to Silverwing. Having never done this dragon I messed up a couple of times.  The second time my screen turned purple I was not hugging the wall close enough and died on the way to the beacon.  I got confused as to where my joust out point was, and died to a wing beat. I lost track of how many times we engaged Silverwing, but finally she went down.  The last two dragons,  Shade of Khalan Dar and Phara Dar, we got on the second try.

I had my final pieces needed for my epic in my hand, but I was not screaming for joy, I just sat there looking at them knowing I was just a step or two away from spamming my glory to all of the Antonia Bayle server.

You know it is truly sad when I was more excited about beating Venril Sathir than finishing off the final mobs!!

I wanted my friends to see, I called out to Jethal to come see,  I told the chat channels that I haunt to be ready……………..

Then all my happiness came crashing down, like so much broken glass on a hard wood floor……….

A voice in the raid chat….over rode all others…in a loud crisp voice:

” Congratulation rangers on your mythicals, too bad they are CRAP”

…………………………………………………not again!

In Everquest 1 that was the same feeling…ranger epic’s were CRAP.

I sat there numb for a moment. All the excitement and JOY I should be feeling at this moment was torn from me.  All the months of work, from the whole epic line, doing that god awful Wumpus…to all the plat and time I spent getting raid ready………the deaths, the raids, the waiting…for what?

to be told my mythical weapon was crap!

No one spoke up to defend the ranger mythical either. By this time thought most had already left the chat or were AFK after such a fight.  Was this opinion from a raider, a reflection of how most other raiders see the ranger mythical….as a piece of crap?????????

Here is a picture of me with my hard earned piece of Crap.

I got congratulations from many and took screen shots of the moment I got my crap. There is only one time you get to spam your crap on your server and I wanted a shot of it.

Trueflight had told me it was not worth it, long ago but I just could not belive him. It took the voice of one  raider, one who must of  seen all of the mythical weapons,  one who has been through all the mythical update raids many times to drive home to me that most likely the raid community sees ranger mythicals as crap.

All I can say at this point is that I would like to thank the person or person’s who created our Mythical and the quest line to get it and to those who made the Venril Sathir raid instance.

Thank you for my crap on Mother’s Day!

Now do me a favor, if there is any more ranger THINGS planned, please go work on some other classes stuff, leave us to people who actually LIKE rangers who will plan out something nice for us, JUST ONCE!!! 

I will be at fan faire and will be asking for those of you who did this! 
You can look into my tear filled eyes and tell me why you made crap for me to work months to get.
Tell me why it is not crap, and why the raiding community should not think of it as crap.

And remember I am a ranger, I will find you!

Author: Elquinjena