Legion of Kithicor Banner Ready to Fly at SOE Fan Faire


Fan Faire is coming and people go to mingle and meet up with gaming friends. Some people stay low key and blend in with the crowds, others stand out. We are going to stand out.

Fan Faire is a time to cut loose a bit, be goofy, to laugh and have fun. Our bit of fun for this year is by bring a banner of Legion Of Kithicor.
Its been an adventure in creating this, trying to make sure it was very portable. Between the use of a folding music stand and a old folding chair bag, LoK will be moblie yet be able to set up quickly and proclaim its presents every where we go.

I am sure we will be camping some spot or another around fan faire, and by displaying the guild banner, it will make it easy for people to find us. Guild members, friends old and new, fan’s of Jethal’s songs, will be able to find us pretty easily. Or avoid us and go running screaming in terror in the other direction.

Also those who will have no clue as to who or what LoK is, will come over to ask what the heck we are up to or why we are nuts enough to carry a guild banner round. Makes a great conversation starter if nothing else!
So there you have it, our banner. If your going to fan faire and want to find us, look for our banner flying proudly around or on a table, or held up high over the crowds. Your welcome to come by and tell us just how crazy you think we are for doing this too.

Author: Elquinjena