The Night Jethal Silverwing Almost Died!


I had just climbed into bed to curled up around my latest book and read a bit before sleep when Jethal turned around from his computer to say, “Hun, I am about to speak to a senior GM”. I rolled over to look at him, curious as to why. “They are taking our last name, saying its a name violation, they just took Miragian’s name  away.”

Exsqueeze me?

Our last name of Silverwing, is more than just a last name, it is a clan name which was created long before Kunark or Velious was discovered in Everquest 1 by Darkwind and Lambent.

When we came to Everquest 2, we continued to use it, and there was no dragons there yet with that name. Is it really a Name Violation to create and use a last name, then have some NPC show up a couple of years later and steal it? I have never thought of the dragon “Silverwing” ever being connected with the clan, but I guess someone else did.

This started when Miragian had his petition answered, he had failed to get his mythical update from VS and a GM had come in to correct it for him, and decided his last name was not proper.

Those who were on line were sending tells to Jethal, the chat channels started to blaze with the news.  Jethal,  trying his hardest to control his temper,  was explaining to the GM that we have used that last name for over 9 years and before that VP dragon was in Everquest 1.  As far as EQ2 is concerned we have used it before Kunark was brought out as well, and since we have been told time and time again that EQ2 is not EQ1 and should be viewed as a whole different world, we again used this clan name before that dragon appeared in game.  If nothing else that darn dragon stole it from us!!

Jethal was beginning to get frustrated since it looked like this GM was not going to listen and just go ahead and remove it from every member including him. He was about to remove it him self, he was not going to let someone strip it from him, not after 9 years of using it and being known as Jethal Silverwing though his parody songs, EQRangers fan site of long ago, for his OGR show, though the years he has run Legion of Kithicor.

I had to still his hand!

If they did remove it we would end up going to war.


Not something I wanted to see happen, going into battle against SOE.
It messy and creates bad PR all the way around, but I for one was not going to go gently into the night over it and neither was Jethal. Neither would his fans, nor other members of the clan, or the RP people of AB and others.

I could feel the fires of Kithicor were starting to snap, crackle, springing to life and would soon explode in to a fire storm.

The chat channels were gearing up, cross server petitions were starting to fly from peoples fingers. Talk of throwing a “Silverwing” day, were everyone took up the clan name was being spoke of. Not to mention the posts that were forming in my mind and Jethal’s which would soon be posted to the EQ2 forums, our own and other SOE forums.

Just as we were standing on the brink of battle, the Head GM came in and reviewed what was going on.  She then decided that the name “Silverwing” seems kind of a generic name even though it’s an npc name, or as the Head GM stated, “quite generic–as fantasy names go–or ancient, if you prefer.”

((Heck, there is even Silverwing allowed in FreeRealms as a preset last name. )).

Both GM’s showed up at Jethal’s house to speak with him in person. Miragian who had his last name removed would be restored. I am very glad it ended this way, if not, I knew that the battle that would have taken place would be messy and ugly not to mention the up coming fan faire and all the poster material we would end up gathering to create signs to protest with.

Jethal did wish to log a complaint against this Dragon, which up to now we have pretty much left in peace.

“If nothing else.. i wish to file complaint against the Dragon, known as “Silverwing” as she has stolen MY name..”, Jethal told the GM. The idea of “Or kill her…and mount her head on the wall!”, was then offered.

I have at least Kicked her butt once, but sadly was not allowed to roll on her head, maybe some day Jethal and I and others of the LoK will march into VP and do just that and her head will then grace our halls.

Do we blame the GM’s for doing their jobs? No, not at all, they have rules to follow and were just trying to do their jobs and follow those rules. My only wish is that they would have spoken to Jethal first and also to a Head GM before jumping in and removing names because in some cases, its the NPC who has stolen the name not the PC.

Here is a picture of Jethal and two of our wonderful GM’s, I never knew they were moths!

The Moth Guard
The Moth Guard

Yes I wiped out their names, unless I get their permission I won’t post who they were. They are both invited to come have a drink with me and Jethal if they come to Fan Faire and we will toast to dead dragons!

Author: Elquinjena