In space, no one can hear you scream…

This is, absolutely, one of the best Sci-Horror’s in the genre. Bringing nightmares popcorn flying out of buckets for almost 40 years.

The crew of the spaceship, Nostromo, are awakened by an emergency distress beacon.  While investigating, they stumble upon an alien craft.. within the cargo hold, slimy, leathery, eggs. The events to follow remind us of our real place in the galactic food chain.. to their horror, they discover, we are not food.. we are merely incubators for their young. One by one, the crew succumbs to the Alien.. the darkness of the bowels of the ship hiding their horrific forms from site, until it’s too late.

The designs by H.R. Giger are iconic, not only for the “Xenomorph” Alien, but in the Horror Genre world wide. The cast, directed by Ridley Scott, are spot on and at the top of their game. Sets and special effects are legendary.. and surpass the standards of today’s generic CGI movies. I will always prefer “Practical effects”.

Sequels followed, but non compare to the original. And don’t get me started on Prometheus.

Author: Jethal