Set fifty-seven years after “Alien“, Ripley has survived in her cryo-stasis pod. She’s brought back to earth, to learn that her daughter has since passed away from cancer.

To her disbelief, the planet of the Xenomorphs has been colonized. A group has been sent to “Teraform” the planet and make it inhabitable for humans. Ripley has been deemed mentally unstable and her story is nothing but a fantasy. Low and behold.. they loose all contact with the Teraformming colony, and they call on Ripley to join a rescue team to see what’s happened. Guess what happens next?

Yup.. it’s the same fucking nightmare, all over again. Instead of a crew of untrained commercial freighters.. Ripley has a trained group from the miliary on her side. Does it make a damned bit of difference? You’ll have to watch and find out.

Combat. Corporate corruption. Betrayal. Scared little girls.. and the mother of all aliens (literally).. The Queen!

This is a rare sequel that lives up to the original. Acting, Effects, Set Design, Directing.. all pieces form a whole that still holds up to this day.

Author: Jethal