Ex Machina


A young programmer is selected to participate in a ground-breaking experiment in artificial intelligence by evaluating the human qualities of a breath-taking female A.I.

This is a seriously good movie. Normally, when there is great CGI, the acting sucks or the story is lacking.. this time around, I feel this movie is well rounded. It doesnt dumb things down, while at the same time being not being overly high brow. Though the geeks will probably love this more than anyone else, I think it’s a good time for all.

That being said.. SPOILERS AHEAD!!

  • Nathan is a major asshole. I really don’t think I need to elaborate on this fact. Watch the movie, you’ll see.
  • I think it’s obvious that some of these early models were used as sex toys.. Kyoko especially.
  • Caleb being the actual test subject.. I called that about half way through.
    • It’s not whether or not Ava believes she’s sentient.. but if Caleb would fall in love with her. That’s the test.
  • I figured out Kyoko pretty early into the film, perhaps the 2nd scene with her in it.
    • Asian, beautiful, can’t talk back.. yeah, fuck toy.
  • Honestly, the ending was a twist I didn’t see coming.. not that Ava would escape.. but the lesbian robot point. But, I suppose it makes sense, considering that Nathan specifically said that he programmed Ava to be hetro – of course she’d turn out Lesbian/Bisexual. Topical story point.
Author: Jethal