Something Wicked This Way Comes


A classic tale by Horror/Sci-fi writer, Ray Bradbury, comes to live in the last film to ever be released under the “Walt Disney Productions” banner. The story takes place in a small town in the 1930’s. Two young boys get into mischief when they sneak around a mysterious carnival, which arrives in the middle of the night. They soon find that some midway attractions bring more than a few thrills and rides.

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It is a carnival of evil. Mr Dark, the proprietor, will grant you your fondest desire, in exchange for making it a nightmare from which there is no escape.

I found this movie very charming, harking back to the old days. Back to a time when no one had a Television, and an annual carnival would make it’s rounds.. I havent been to an honest to goodness carnival since the early 90’s. This is a very family friendly movie for everyone to enjoy.. “Hell” is the worst word used.. an although there is a little blood and a skeleton, there’s nothing really overtly frightening for the young ones.

I found it interesting to note that I believe certain aspects of this movie inspired scenes in “The Devil’s Carnival” – the themes aren’t too different.

  • Tales given as warnings against sins, such as Vanity, Greed and Despair
  • “The Devil” running a creepy carnival..
  • And the final scene in both films involve a tale of Grief as a maze, as a father figure searches for his son.
Author: Jethal