By day Abby Russell is a dedicated nurse, someone you wouldn’t hesitate to trust your life with. But by night, her real work begins…using her smoldering sexuality she lures cheating men to their brutal deaths and exposes them for who they really are. When a younger nurse starts to suspect Abby’s actions and compromises her master plan, Abby must find a way to outsmart her long enough to bring the cheater you’d least expect to justice.

Looking at the movie, as a whole, I liked it.. The story was good and most of the acting was spot on. With that being said, the only exception was Paz de la Huerta‘s portrayal of Abby. The best thing she could have done in that role was shut up. Her dialogue is horribly performed. And no amount of nudity could make up for her lack of talent. And there was an abundance of nudity.

Look at Paz de la Huerta‘s resume, and you’ll see a lot of roles listed as “stripper”, “nude woman”, “miss lingerie”, “young woman”, “guest at wedding”. Why do I bring this up? Seems rather sexist? No, my point is that Paz is not leading woman material. Her body language was very seductive, but every time she opened her mouth, it was a train wreck. Having a great body is not a substitute for acting ability.

Dita Von Tease (fetish fashion model)  was approached for the role, and although she’s not what I would consider a professional actress, I think she could have done a much better job.

Other than that, I found the story pretty well written, but the animated blood effects where noticeably fake, as they usually are.. some things need to be practical effects. I did not see this one in 3D, so I really can’t comment on the job done by that department.

Author: Jethal